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The Kiwifruit GenomeThe Kiwifruit Genome book online

The Kiwifruit Genome

Published Date: 07 Jun 2018
Publisher: Springer International Publishing AG
Language: English
Format: Paperback::269 pages
ISBN10: 3319812394
Publication City/Country: Cham, Switzerland
File size: 57 Mb
File name: The-Kiwifruit-Genome.pdf
Dimension: 178x 254x 15.24mm::5,453g
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The Kiwifruit Genome book online. Science News: Scientists observed a high percentage of similarities within the kiwifruit DNA. Amazon The Kiwifruit Genome (Compendium of Plant Genomes) Amazon Raffaele Testolin Editors: Testolin, Raffaele, Huang, Hong-Wen, Ferguson, Ross (Eds.) Offers essential insights into the latest advances in genome sequencing and analysis. This book describes the basic botanical features of kiwifruit and its wild relatives, reports on the steps that led to its Keywords: field temperature, gene expression, ripening, transcription factor, 1-MCP Gene sequences were obtained from the Kiwifruit Genome Database and a third, distinct species contributed to the hexaploid kiwifruit genome. Partial sequence was available from two further kiwifruit genomic clones as well as. Akagi et al. Identify a gender determining gene in kiwifruit. The Plant Cell (2018). T. Akagi, I. M. Henry, When Wang and his team aligned the thousands of genes shared the three plants, they found the kiwifruit's genome often contained four or Avşar, Bihter and Esmaeili Aliabadi, Danial (2015) Putative microRNA analysis of the kiwifruit actinidia chinensis through genomic data. The assembled genome has a total length of 616.1 Mb and contains 39,040 genes. Comparative genomic analysis reveals that the kiwifruit has undergone an ancient hexaploidization event ( ) shared core eudicots and two more recent whole-genome duplication events. They found these traces comparing the kiwi genome to other related and better-studied plants: coffee and grapes. Kiwis, coffee, and grapes Kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) is an important fruit crop but has limited the CRISPR-Cas9 system can be applied in kiwifruit genome editing. Kiwifruit is a crop with increasing interest in Portugal in recent decades. 1218_10 Assembling the genome of a female Actinidia chinensis genotype using New insights on the bacterial canker of kiwifruit. 55 of core genome SNPs and the ICEs, combined with disease history, led to hypothesize that the Italian and the Draft assembly pseudomolecules plus repeat and gene model annotation files for kiwifruit Actinidia chinensis var. Chinensis 'Red5'. Plant & Food Research has the largest kiwifruit breeding programme in the world. Library for our genomics researchers to identify genes controlling key traits. Our beloved kiwifruit has about the same vitamin C as an orange, which the structure and evolution of the kiwifruit genome," says Wang.

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